About Us

Women and Revolution is a group of Sydney based wine professionals. Our community comes together for education, support and of course; enjoying wine. 

Women and Revolution is for all women including AFAB,* non-binary, and those with a trans experience/history.

We welcome cis men to get involved by becoming an ally of Women and Revolution and collaborating with us so we can support our members to our fullest extent. 


Our Story

Women and Revolution began at a dinner party in a back yard. This group of 15 all knew each other through the wine industry and we came together to enjoy wines we adored in a space of our own creation. 

What grew from there was another meet up where we had 60 women turn up to get involved. From there we officially launched as an association dedicated to supporting women in the wine industry. We now have over 300 members and counting. The response from the industry has been enormous and we are excited to be a part of the evolution of the industry.