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About Us

Women and Revolution is a charity based on Gadigal Land in Sydney, working to overcome the barriers to gender equality in the wine world.


Representing and connecting members across all sectors of the industry around Australia - from grape growing and winemaking, retail and distribution, sommeliers, wine journalists and everything in between, Women and Revolution offers a safe and inclusive space that elevates the voices of the many women in wine.


In addition to fostering community and connection via networking events and a buddy program, the charity also encourages personal and professional growth through the coaching and education platforms.


A multifaceted organisation, WaR is for all women - including AFAB,* non-binary and those with a trans experience and or history.

*Assigned Female at Birth

Cis men are encouraged to get involved via the Ally option, and fund a place for a woman who may otherwise lack access. 


Our Story

Women and Revolution began at a dinner party in a back yard. A group of 15 women came together to share a meal, bring a bottle, and connect over a shared love of wine. The conversation naturally turned to what we loved about the wine industry, and what we felt needed to change.

We left feeling empowered, and inspired, and hungry for more. 

Word spread, and the next dinner had 30 women and a waitlist of the same.

Numbers were swelling quickly and it was clear we'd outgrown the capacity of homes and gardens. So we called a meeting, took over a bar and gathered to discuss where we wanted it to go, and what we wanted to be.

Above all, we decided that we needed to carve out a space that felt safe and inclusive to all women - a supportive community working towards dismantling the systems that uphold inequality in the wine world. 

We now have over 200 members and counting, around Australia.

Join the Revolution.

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