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Mission Statement

Growing the next generation of women in wine and elevating the voices of the many women who want to address gender equality in the wine world. Women and Revolution is for all women, including AFAB,* non-binary, and those with a trans experience/history. We are committed to creating a safe inclusive space that encourages professional and personal growth, and builds community and connection. We actively challenge the systems and perceptions that cause gender inequality across the industry.

Our Core Values


Our events are run on stolen Aboriginal land and we acknowledge that First Nations sovereignty was never ceded. Our membership fees will contribute to paying the rent. All events will include an Acknowledgement of Country at a minimum, and a Welcome to Country when possible. We know that we have a lot to learn and unlearn to ensure we are a Culturally safe and welcoming community for First Nations people. We commit to active anti-racism, creating space for and amplifying the voices of First Nations women. We commit to continual education and action to
address the barriers for First Nations participation in the industry and ensure that their voices are part of this process. We pay our respects to the elders past, present and emerging, and for the
centuries of stories and culture we benefit from every day.


A major barrier to participation, education and progression within the industry is cost. We commit to keeping membership fees low and have a “We Got You” option available for those who can’t afford it at this time. We also offer members the opportunity to 'Pay It Forward' if they feel they can. We commit to choosing event spaces that are physically accessible and working with venues to make sure we get this right. We aim to host our events at times that are accessible for those with children or other
caring responsibilities. 


We create a safe space where all members feel a sense of belonging, where their voices are heard and their contributions are valued. We have zero tolerance of racism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, or any form of discrimination due to age, ability, gender, class, culture, language, religion or socio economic background. Those who display this behaviour will be held accountable.



We will address the imbalance of power in the industry, and shift the focus away from white men. We recognise that BIPoC* are under represented in the industry and will address those barriers that exist to entry. We acknowledge that we are subject to implicit bias and will engage diverse voices so that we do not operate in an echo chamber.



From the wines and producers that we highlight to the way we run our events, we commit to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner and having an honest and transparent conversation about what that means.


It’s important to us to work with people and organisations who share our values.
We support wineries, venues and suppliers who value diversity and sustainability and work
towards them in an active manner. We will not be passive, and neither should our allies.


Finally, we call out the inherent privilege that exists in the wine industry and in our ability to gather safely and comfortably. We will continue to educate ourselves and each other on the imbalance of power and privilege within our own community. We will not speak for those who are routinely silenced by privilege but instead, create space for those voices to be heard. We are always open to how we can do this better and how we can influence the industry as a whole to do better.

*AFAB - Assigned Female at Birth
**BIPOC - Black, Indigenous and People of Colour



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