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Welcome to Women and Revolution! We are a charity based on Gadigal Land in Sydney working to overcome the barriers to gender equality in the wine world.
Here you can become a member, source information and keep up to date with upcoming events. 
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No upcoming events at the moment


Find A Buddy

If you’re new to the industry or just feel like you’d benefit from having someone to answer a few questions or introduce you to people at events then hit us up for a buddy. Alternatively, if you feel like you have knowledge or experience that you’d like to pass on to someone coming up in the industry, or if you can remember what it feels like to be intimidated walking into a space where everyone else seems to know each other, then put your hand up to lend a little guidance and support.

Destroy The Patriarchy

We aim to support all our members through the complexities of the overtly male dominated and controlled wine industry. Whether it's career advice, power in numbers or negotiation workshops, we have your back, and would like to help you find your voice.


There are some incredible talents in the wine industry, spanning all areas. Friendships, collaborations and relationships between members makes us happy. Get together, enjoy a glass of wine, explore a new region and share experiences.


Our members are amazing! We aim to champion our members experience and talent and share this knowledge around the group. These skills will help us welcome in newcomers to the wine  industry through education and practical support.


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